Casual dining, catering events, venue and more to impress your clients and colleagues.

For many years now a wonderful steam mill close to Budapest has been the home of Katlan Tóni KULTÚRKONYHA, a casual dining restaurant and a base kitchen for corporate & event catering.

Our highly committed and experienced team believes in and sees great value in the exciting diversity of our own gastronomy and set forth to rediscover the values of the Carpathian Basin. Wrapped in new clothes, spiced up with a new breeze, presented in a trendy way.

We have many years experience running prestigious events for companies large and small. Our superpower is creativity. We create bespoke menus to cater for a wide range of events and special occasions.

Katlan Tóni KULTÚRKONYHA is a wonderful venue to your party, corporate event, milestone celebrations, team buildings, conferences etc. between 60-130 guests.

If you plan to take your event to any venue in Hungary we do accept this challange. For more than 20 years now we specialise in corporate event catering and event organisation.  We’re experts in our field and we recognise the importance of brand recognition and corporate image. 


Whatever your occasion, we work closely with you to create the perfect event. Our highly experienced team have heaps of knowledge to apply to each aspect of an event. From corporate event catering to decorations, we know what it takes to put a corporate event together.

  • Product launches

  • Team building events

  • Corporate parties

  • Award ceremonies

  • Protocol events

  • ….and more

Our corporate event catering service is extremely flexible and we pride ourselves on executing on the expectations of our clients.

Linda Kiss – our sales&marketing director – and her team is here to help guide you through the process, taking a consultative approach to create a stress free, stunning event, tailored to your organisation.



We’ll work with you to create the perfect, on brand event, whether you’re looking to say thanks to your staff, celebrate a milestone occasion or create a great impression for your clients!

Our chef and kitchen team have a vast amount of expertise and experience in many fields. We create simple to extensive menus, catering to specific allergens and other dietary requirements. 

Feeding your attendees is not what we do – that is just kind of a ‘side affect’. We do much more than that: caring, serving, listening and organising all the small detials in the background to ensure everything goes smooth and exceeds your expectations.

We invite you on a journey through time that will take you back to the past and bring you freshness, creativity and a new breeze.

Let’s make your next event stand out together!